StockMine report 2022-02-09

All numbers are green. We love green. All the market indices are pointing upward. My data provider got the same bug again. The upside of it , is that I get some free months because I find the bug. The problem is that I can’t select new stocks. I can’t do it until the bug is fixed. I guess it will go faster this time, since now they know what the problem is. Hopefully I can update with new freshly selected stocks later on today.

I got two floaters. The CLDX and ERO.TO. The ERO.TO I expected more of. It was a test if I could select a stock a bit earlier to make some more money. I think Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas from the 1987 movie “Wall Street”) was wrong this time. Greed is not good. I am more interested in probabilities. To maximize the probability of predicting the stock price movement. I am doing alright know, I guess. Two stocks has already met the weekly target. I work on the selection process and fine tuning the algorithm. I think it’s realistic to set a new target at 10% a week. Of course depending on the market trend. I can do better. I guess I will be there in a few weeks time. The holy grail would be to select stocks profitable in down trend. That’s the wet dream. 10% a week would mean 40% a month. Or rather 46% with accumulated returns. Exciting!

American stock market major indexes

SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust+0.82%
Dow Jones Industrial Average+1.06%
NASDAQ Composite+1.28%

Picked 3 stocks for Portfolio 2022-02-08(6)

Disclaimer:This is not financial advice. Stock trading is a risky business and You can loose everything You have invested. Only trade at Your own risk. I take no responsibility for anyones stock trading but my own.

TickerDate AddedPriceLatest PriceLatest ∆%Total ∆%
CLDX2022-02-08 31.4031.440.130.13
CYTK2022-02-08 34.9536.725.065.06
RRR2022-02-08 48.0349.653.373.37
BSIG2022-02-05 23.4524.091.562.73
CLF2022-02-05 18.8719.874.585.30
ERO.TO2022-02-05 16.5516.630.030.04

Data for selecting stocks is delivered by Börsdata

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