theStockMine report 2022-09-20

This blog is updated once a day. I select stocks with the help of my algorithm and set an automatic sell at 5%, combined with a stop/loss at -1%. That is: ceiling 5% – floor -1%
This is not financial advice. These are just structured notes to see how the algorithm for selecting stocks is working. Any stock trading bears the risk of losing the invested capital.

American stock market major indexes previous trading day

CBOE Volatility Index-0.08%
S&P 500+0.69%
NASDAQ Composite+0.76%
Dow Jones Industrial Average+0.64%
SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust+0.78%
StockMine Index

Picked 2 stocks 2022-09-20

Disclaimer:This is not financial advice. Stock trading is a risky business and You can loose everything You have invested. Only trade at Your own risk. I take no responsibility for anyones stock trading but my own.

TickerBUYSELLChange %
Cumulative portfolio gain week 38

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