Who am I? Why do I start a blog among a billion others?

I am a middle aged, well educated divorced man in his very prime. I make a good living, I have a decent wage. But is not enough for my goal: To live in my own house. How do I make enough money to build/buy my own house? I think many of us have got the same plan: to become rich on stock trading. I started 2 years ago. Opened an account at an online broker. The first thing that struck me was: WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH ALL THESE NUMBERS? It was a jungle. And all the measures. I started with value based trading. That is, learn about the companies, read the reports, do they make money, do I think that they can make money and million more questions. That was a dead end for me. The amount of work was ridiculous. That was not really my cup of tea.

I studied economics, political science and statistics at the university. I have been working as a programmer for a long time, and for the past years I have worked as a test engineer. I write automated tests and systems for testing software. I really love my work. I also love statistics and numbers. I looked at a few graphs that I had been working on when trying to structure all the stock close prices, and realized that it can be automated. So I started programming an application year ago (september 2018), that picked out stocks, and calculated indices for when to buy and sell the stocks to maximize profit. I had the first trial in february. I bought 1 stock, just to test. It made 8 percent in 40 days. Then came life like a hammer. Now I am back on track and I have rewritten the code. I will soon start to trade again to make money to buy my house. This is the reason I write this blog: to share my ups and downs on the path to my goal.