StockMine report 2022-01-06

The bloodbath of 2022! That was a fine how do you do from the new year. Wasn’t it? Or rather from the Fed. Always check if the Fed is discussing the inflation and what to do with the interest rates. Market becomes hysterical and everybody that decides to buy stocks at this, the wrong, moment will loose money. That is, if I panic and try to sell them of at once. Don’t panic, and trust the process. My selected stocks will recover. The tweaking of the algorithm ment that I select stronger stocks that will regain strength after this setback and will start climbing again.

No added stocks to Portfolio 2022-01-06

TickerBuy DateBuy PriceLatest PriceLatest ∆%Total ∆%
BLBD2022-01-01 15.6415.86-5.921.41
NOVA2022-01-01 27.9223.90-10.49-14.4
INMB2022-01-04 10.699.12-9.79-14.69
SPWR2022-01-04 21.5519.78-0.02-8.13
FLWS2022-01-05 24.2424.14-0.004-0.004
REGI2022-01-05 44.7244.970.060.06
DQ2022-01-05 42.0139.99-4.8-4.8
ROI x = -5.16%x = -4.31%

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