StockMine report 2022-01-05

I really do not want to mention yesterdays bloodbath. My stocks took a heavy hit, all but one. But I see no reason to worry. The selected stocks were all on the way up. It was just a bump in the road. I changed a bit on the algorithm for selecting the stocks. Looking at historical data, it’s the right thing to do.

Added 3 stocks to Portfolio 2022-01-05

TickerBuy DateBuy PriceLatest PriceLatest ∆%Total ∆%
BLBD2022-01-01 15.6416.420.624.99
NOVA2022-01-01 27.9226.70-7.13-4.44
INMB2022-01-04 10.6910.11-5.43-5.43
SPWR2022-01-04 21.5521.53-0.02-0.02
FLWS2022-01-05 24.2424.240.000.00
REGI2022-01-05 44.7244.720.000.00
DQ2022-01-05 42.0142.010.000.00
ROI x = -2.99%x = -4.9%

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