StockMine report 2022-01-07

I realized that the old algorithm probably just works in an upwards trend. It’s just to fragile and just can’t stand the pressure. When in upwards trend it will probably fly, with greater ROI. I will try it when then market starts to go up again. The tweaked algorithm seems to stand the pressure better and it can move upwards even when the trend says otherwise. The best would be to stay of the trading when market is plumbing, but I’m to curious for that. I got rid of the dead meat and added 2 new stocks with the new algorithm. Let’s see what we can produce today.

Added 2 stocks and removed 3 stocks from Portfolio 2022-01-07

TickerBuy DateBuy PriceLatest PriceLatest ∆%Total ∆%
DQ2022-01-05 42.0139.87-0.003-0.05
REGI2022-01-05 44.7246.323.003.58
FLWS2022-01-05 24.2424.531.621.19
ACI2022-01-07 31.2131.210.000.00
RETA2022-01-07 29.4629.460.000.00

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