StockMine report summary week 1 2022

The timing of my first week of finally getting my act together and start blogging about my stock trading was not optional. The American stock market plummet and everything was all of a sudden red. A proper blood bath to start the new year of 2022. I changed the algorithm and have now changed it again for the next selection of stocks. I actually created a screener that selects stocks in a way I have wanted for a long time. I wonder why it had to take this long. Well, no reason to shed any tears. I’m just glad that I finally got it together and can stop the programming misery. It’s totally useless and boring. I decide to drop the stocks selected with the first algorithm for the weekly average. I don’t know if I will calculate like this in the future, but I have to start some where.

Result for week 1 2022 with Portfolio 2022-01-08

TickerBuy DateBuy PriceLatest PriceLatest ∆%Total ∆%
DQ2022-01-05 42.0140.090.55-4.56
REGI2022-01-05 44.7245.80-1.122.42
FLWS2022-01-05 24.2424.26-1.100.08
ACI2022-01-07 31.2131.210.000.00
RETA2022-01-07 29.4628.71-2.55-2.55
ROI week 1 2022 x = -0.84%x = -0.93%

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