StockMine report 2022-02-17

The market is highly volatile, and went down yesterday again after a day of all green. Most of my selected stocks could stand their ground pretty well and closed above the T-line, even if in red. I selected 2 stocks that was a mistake: OSH and VITL. I will analyze them thoroughly and try to find what went wrong. I took a first step today and added one more step to my selection protocol. Let’s see if this can help me increasing the probability of selecting stocks that will increase in value.

American stock market major indexes

SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust+0.11%
Dow Jones Industrial Average-0.16%
NASDAQ Composite-0.11%
StockMine Index-1.59%

Picked 2 stocks for Portfolio 2022-02-17(6)

Disclaimer:This is not financial advice. Stock trading is a risky business and You can loose everything You have invested. Only trade at Your own risk. I take no responsibility for anyones stock trading but my own.

TickerDate AddedPriceLatest PriceLatest ∆%Total ∆%
KRO2022-02-17 14.6014.600.000.00
NYCB2022-02-17 11.8411.840.000.00
NFBK2022-02-16 15.7415.82+0.51+0.51
VITL2022-02-16 16.5115.60-5.51-5.51
CMTL2022-02-15 20.7621.20-0.61+2.12
TVK.TO2022-02-15 24.0825.37+0.87+5.34
CHRS2022-02-12 12.8313.18-0.15+2.72
OSH2022-02-12 19.2517.44-4.65-9.40

Data for selecting stocks is delivered by Börsdata

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