StockMine report 2022-01-15

Lets start this week with a clean slate and make some money! These algorithms, oh these algorithms. The answer was probably right in front of me. Just laying there waiting to be revealed and shared with the world. My personal help to create my own money machine. I’m leaving breakout, it’s to insecure. I will go with momentum picking the stocks already climbing the stair to heaven. I will pick them up at the end of the rainbow.

Picked 8 stocks for Portfolio 2022-01-15

TickerBuy DateBuy PriceLatest PriceLatest ∆%Total ∆%
ALKS2022-01-15 25.2525.250.000.00
ESEA2022-01-15 27.7627.760.000.00
HPK2022-01-15 18.6718.670.000.00
MXC2022-01-15 10.2410.240.000.00
NXGN2022-01-15 19.0519.050.000.00
BTU2022-01-15 13.4413.440.000.00
PAA2022-01-15 10.9510.950.000.00
SVT2022-01-15 14.5014.500.000.00

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