StockMine report 2021-09-06

We got 4 stocks in minus: $PENN, $CRIS, $KURA and $ROCK. $PENN and $CRIS seems to be ripe and ready to pluck. 11.01% and 7.21% is pretty good for the first try with the new algorithm. $ROCK is a disaster and I don’t understand why a picked it. $KURA couldn’t break through the resistance of ma50. Let’s see how the stocks I picked for today will develop. Exciting!

10 stocks In Portfolio 2021-09-06

TickerBuy DateBuy PriceLatest PriceLatest ∆%Total ∆%
CAMT2021-08-25 39.7542.091.765.89
PENN2021-08-25 73.5581.65-0.9111.01
CRIS2021-08-25 7.918.48-3.537.21
KURA2021-08-26 19.4219.00-0.78-2.16
ROCK2021-08-26 74.3273.69-2.06-0.85
VNET2021-08-26 20.3221.806.247.28
CLAR2021-09-04 28.0328.030.000.00
GT2021-09-04 16.3116.310.000.00
AMRK2021-09-04 49.5649.560.000.00
IPOD2021-09-04 10.2010.200.000.00
ROI x = 0.48%x = 3.23%

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