StockMine report 2022-01-27

Will return later to add new selected stocks eligible for trading. Until then I just present thye results from yesterdays trading.

Picked 0 stocks for Portfolio 2022-01-27(22)

Disclaimer:This is not financial advice. Stock trading is a risky business and You can loose everything You have invested. Only trade at Your own risk. I take no responsibility for anyones stock trading but my own.

TickerBuy DateBuy PriceLatest PriceLatest ∆%Total ∆%
HQI2022-01-26 18.8517.97-4.7-4.7
ITCI2022-01-26 46.6447.732.32.3
UTMD2022-01-26 98.7195.95-1.8-1.8
ORA.TO2022-01-25 11.3011.36-1.80.05
BLX.TO2022-01-25 33.0131.860.2-3.5
HTHT2022-01-25 38.6837.49-2.6-3.0
INE.TO2022-01-25 18.1817.651.2-2.9
CNXN2022-01-25 43.7442.40-1.4-3.0
VAXX2022-01-25 8.607.10-8.9-17.4
ZVIA2022-01-25 8.027.64-2.4-4.7
AZUL2022-01-22 15.0915.162.00.4
BDSI2022-01-22 3.263.68-1.112.9
APRN2022-01-22 7.907.50-8.9-.05
CTMX2022-01-22 4.294.36-0.21.6
EQ2022-01-22 3.954.102.53.7
HOLI2022-01-22 14.7612.021.2-18.6
LWRK.TO2022-01-22 27.7127.04-1.1-2.4
PNT2022-01-22 5.956.115.32.7
MSC2022-01-22 6.165.89-9.1-4.4
WIMI2022-01-22 3.282.78-4.8-15.2

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