Welcome to my quest for making 5% a week on stocktrading

I have created this blog to show how I am developing my algorithm for picking stocks to trade. I am a breakout swing trader, and use only technical analysis for this. I am only interested in the numbers. I have a background as programmer, automated software testing and statistics. I think this is square enough to pull this of. At the moment I just present the stocks I pick, no actual trading is involved at the moment.

My strategy is to pick stocks every day and to let the climbers climb, while I quickly sell of the stocks that does not climb enough. I will update this blog every trading day. I am only picking US and Canadian stocks.

theStockMine stock alerts 2023-03-06

This blog is updated twice a day: at the beginning of the trading day and after closing. I select stocks with the help of my self developed algorithm and set an automatic stop/loss at -1%. This is not financial advice. These are just structured notes to see how my algorithm for selecting profitable stocks is…

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